Sulli, Suzy, and HyunA for Chosen for Most Alluring Faces

2013-09-01 13:49:53 2015-04-28 23:36:52

Which female idol has the most alluring face? f(x)‘s Sulli, miss A‘s Suzy, and 4Minute’s HyunA were chosen by beauty experts to have the most alluring faces. 

On August 28 the show Get It Beauty” from On Style channel did a feature on makeup that allures men. The show taught viewers how to make yourself more attractive with the right makeup. On the show beauty experts stated that an alluring face is the combination of blushing pale skin, fine arched eyebrows, eyes that are long and sharp, thick rounded sides of the nose, and lips that rise up at the ends. 

The experts also chose female idols that best matched the description of an alluring face. They chose f(x)’s Sulli, miss A’s Suzy, and 4Minute’s HyunA. Interestingly enough, all three are known for their rabbit like image. Out of the three, HyunA had a 100% match to the description of an alluring face. 


What do you think? Who else do you think has an alluring face?