Ladies’ Code Is Back with “Pretty Pretty” Music Video

2013-09-03 20:07:12 2013-09-05 04:59:25

Ladies’ Code is back with the music video for “Pretty Pretty,” the title song off  their new second mini album of the same name. Their return is long-awaited after the injury of member Zuny delayed their July comeback.

“Pretty Pretty” is a fun and funky track with a catchy melody. It is composed, written, and arranged by Super Changddai. The colorful and artistic music video shows the members as confident women who are never at a loss for men chanting “You’re pretty! You’r Pretty!”

The advertisement world often uses the 3B Rule, which stands for “Beauty, Baby, Beast.” It’s a known rule that if all three are included in the advertisement, it will be a success. The music video also incorporates the rule- can you find all 3 B’s in the music video below?

The album “Pretty Pretty” will drop tomorrow September 5!