[Live Recap] “Master’s Sun” Episode 9

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The look on his face is recognition and maybe some admission as well. He finally gets what this means. It’s the moment when his emotion finally caught up to his heart. The best part about Joong Won has been his hidden vulnerability. There is a tenderness there that only we get to see. Underneath that gruff exterior beats the heart of a man who forgot how to love and is now remembering. He never shows it in front of Gong Sil. It’s always those quiet moments when his feelings slip past from his subconscious to his current state of mind. When he is alone with his raw emotions and he doesn’t know what to do with them. He has been accumulating all this affection for Gong Sil and how does he finally decide to show it? To a spirit who is practically daring him to admit his feelings. He calls its bluff and proves just how much he cares for Gong Sil in one swoop. Now that’s what I call dashing.  

Written before it aired:

There is something to be said for unspoken confessions. Who says you have to use words to confess how you feel cuz sometimes a look says way more than you want. Even though Joong Won might be the first to disagree, he is the perfect balance for Gong Sil. She is the type of person that reaches out and touches first to get a sense of what the other person is feeling. Joong Won just likes to stare at her in amazement and wonder- never openly and always furtively, but looking away is getting harder for him lately. You can literally watch him having trouble tearing his eyes away from her. He has to cuz he doesnt want his feelings to be caught by her, but now that inner struggle is becoming more palpable for the audience. That’s when our fun level is elevated to an all new high. Hints were dropped left and right last week in interviews that a kiss was coming up so expect to squeal collectively sometime tonight.


Part of me thinks that Joong Won just doesn’t want to give Hee Joo the satisfaction of knowing that he still cares. Not just for her, but even that betrayal of being one of the kidnappers still bothers him to this day. It’s been fifteen years so I bet he wants to move on, but Hee Joo had quite a grip on his heart – so strong that I think if she had survived that car crash, he would have found it in his heart to forgive her. That is why I think he feels unnerved by his growing affection for Gong Sil. Maybe he thought he didn’t have room for her in his heart, but is surprised to find there is plenty. One day soon, despite himself, he will have to admit that Gong Sil is making him believe in love again one hug at a time.

I must have watched that preview like ten times cuz I feel a little like what Gong Sil will feel when she realizes she missed out on this moment. He wasn’t kissing Gong Sil – she has a spirit inside of her. That’s why she rested her head on his shoulder after the kiss. Just like last time with Hee Joo, the ghost’s spirit left her body the instant he touched her. Really hope he was paying attention and realizes that cuz that’s the only thing that might account for the sad look in his eyes. He summoned all his courage to do this and she wasn’t herself. What would really make this scene daebak would be if he kissed her again once she becomes Gong Sil. Now that would be the best way to say “welcome back.”

Main Cast:

joo-joong-won tae-gong-shil kang-woo tae-yi-ryung
Joo Joong Won (JW)  Tae Gong Shil (GS) Kang Woo (KW)  Tae Yi Ryeong (YR)
gwi-do sung-ran seok-chan  
Kim Gwi Do (Secretary Kim)  Joo Sung Ran (SR) Do Seuk Chul (SC)

Episode 9 

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Starts from Gong Sil getting up and Joong Won looks at her. She wanted to get him some water, but he says it’s ok I don’t need it. she says I kept watch and Cha Hee Joo is not by your side. he says she must have gone to the side of the person she wanted to protect. for 15 years – that I might find who the culprit is – she came sometimes to check. Gong Sil: why didn’t you tell others that Cha Hee Joo was the culprit? Joong Won: if she had lived I would have told. also I would have looked till the end till I found them. I would have just hated her but she died in front of my eyes. cuz I think she was used by someone and abandoned, I felt sorry for her. but if the culprit she was with is someone she had to protect, now I know I was totally deceived. I was hit 15 years ago but I still didn’t come to my senses. now I feel like I’ve been hit again and now I’ve come to my senses.  Gong Sil: it must have been hard for you. you said I could worry about you and cheer you up. how hard it must have been for you unable to get it off your chest. cuz you had to cover up your pain it must have hurt more. cuz you were scared you still cant read text. that bad girl. I will be sure to insult her. when I see HJ again-I will be sure to do it for you. this bad girl. he smiles and says his 100 uk radar is useful in many ways. she says I’m not worth 100 uk now. I didn’t get to find out where your money is. that necklace would be with that culprit.  Joong Won remembers asking his dad did you  pay for my ransom for certain and how his dad said believe what you want to believe. Joong Won: that too – I might have been totally deceived

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Kang Woo reports in to Joong Won’s dad the Chairman and says I cant confirm the whereabouts for the necklace that disappeared and Cha Hee Joo said she wouldn’t say. Chairman says now it seems you don’t want to trust me. Kang Woo apologizes for not moving more covertly but the chairman says I was thinking of going to Korea anyway. if he sees this what he says will change. (the photo of Hee Joo in Europe)  Kang Woo says I leave Kingdom now but the chairman says no stay there till I get there. Kang Woo says president Joo knows so I don’t think I can stay. the dad says no I started this. my son will just ignore it.

(I think the dad thinks the photo proves that Hee Joo is still alive)

Joong Won tells Kim the same thing – he will know that I will ignore it and just leave team leader Kang alone. when I react, my father makes me more mad and runs off. if I just ignore it enough he will come himself and say what he wants

Chairman said to Kang Woo- even with my son as with women I think the push and pull with love is important. in Spain, I have to light Maria’s birthday candles and then go. see you then Kang Woo

His girlfriend comes over and says she invited her friends to her birthday party. all of them are coming. he asks if the friends who went on the same trip (as HJ in the photo) will be coming too. she says yes. chairman:  then there might be a friend who can remember this girl (HJ) and the girl says yes

Gong Sil tells Hee Joo’s photo – come out and appear again and explain properly cuz that person is having a hard time. he probably didn’t want to hear that (Hee Joo wanting to protect the culprit)

Kim says if your father finds the necklace whereabouts -what happens to Tae Yang? Joong Won says I have no use for her anymore. Kim says cuz Tae Yang was around it was always noisy but it will get quiet again

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Kang Woo runs into Gong Sil. He asks did you hear about me from president Joo. she says yes. he says I had to be sure you weren’t involved with Cha Hee Joo and looked into you. Gong Sil: so that’s why you kept asking what the relationship was between the president and me. I misunderstood that as jealousy. Kang Woo: I’m sorry. she says if it was like that- if you asked truthfully it would have been easier for me to tell you. I will tell you everything -could you go over there. she leads him away

Joong Won and Kim watch them walk away together. Kim thinks Kang Woo approached her to get info, but Tae Yang doesn’t seem to be angry. Joong Won says that Tae Yang is polite, but she would have been hurt inwardly.

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Kang Woo asks what do you want to find. Gong Sil: you cant see it with your eyes. if I bring it up the wrong way, that  you might think the president and I am crazy- I am looking for something that’s not too much.  She looks around and sees a cat ghost. She says I see what others cant see. I see ghosts. when others feel just the wind blowing, I can see and hear. Kang Woo: are you trying to punish me by telling me something scary right now cuz you are mad at me. Gong Sil: cuz you don’t like it so much I wasn’t going to tell you this. if I don’t tell you this – the relationship between the president and me -I cant explain it.  for the sake of letting him speak to the dead Hee Joo, I was by the president’s side. Kang Woo repeats -you can see the dead person and talk to it? He looks uneasy. Gong Sil nods yes and says that grandma’s cat that she valued must have died. a pretty white cat is by her side now. he looks and says I cant see the cat. she says I can see that.

Kang Woo goes over and asks the grandma if she raised a cat and she said I did raise one but not too long ago it died – it was white like snow. he sees the photo and it’s exactly what Gong Sil described.