No Photoshop Necessary for Kim Ha Neul’s Perfect Body

2013-09-05 13:24:49 2013-09-05 13:28:45

You can put photoshop aside when Kim Ha Neul is the star of the photo shoot.

A set of photos surfaced online showing the “A Gentleman’s Dignity” actress campaigning for the Italian jeans brand Carrera Jeans. She wears a simple white shirt with a pair of jeans that perfectly encases her beautiful S-line. Netizens nicknamed her “apple hips terminator,” terminating all competition for attractive hips. 

What is even more surprising is a picture taken of the actress at the site of the shoot itself. Even from afar, anyone can see that her hips seriously don’t lie.

Netizens have commented: “So sexy,” “Totally admit that she’s apple hips terminator,” “She gets prettier and prettier,” “Her figure is the best,”and “She wears skinny jeans so well.” 

This fall campaign marks her return to the fashion and celebrity scene from an year of hiatus. 

kim ha neul carrera

kim ha neul carrera

kim ha neul carrera