Lee Min Ho and Bae Seul Gi Cast In New Movie

2013-09-13 16:18:01 2014-04-19 02:32:05

Actor Lee Min Ho (No, not the “City Hunter” one. The younger one from “Rooftop Prince.”) and singer turned actress Bae Sul Gi havve been cast for the new movie “School of Youths (Tentative).”

According to the report, Lee Min Ho and Bae Seul Gi have been cast as the two protagonists for the movie “School of Youths.” The movie is directed by director Goo Mo, whose most recent project was “District 820.” The “School of Youths” is set in a school during the Joseun dynasty and will be a comedy about the youths within it. The main focus of the story however will be about a young classical scholar investigating a case where he was molested by a mysterious lady and his own romances during his stay in the school.

The male lead being discussed for this film, Lee Min Ho, will play the role of “Mok Won.” He is the son of a noble family and is exceptionally talented in the field of mathematics. He is handsome, smart, and serious about everything he does. However he gets into disagreements with his parents because his talents are not highly considered during the Joseon dynasty. Lee Min Ho has previously featured in works such as “Rooftop Prince,”  “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” the movies “Running Man” and “Howling.”  However this will be Lee Min Ho’s first romance film.

Meanwhile Bae Seul Gi will supposedly play the role of “Hyang Ah,” who is considered ugly according to Joseon dynasty standards and is thus teased by others. She will be Lee Min Ho’s love interest in this film. Her character will have a free going personality, being rather careless but also a shy girl in front of Mok Won. 

Principal photography for the film is set to begin in early October for an anticipated release date in the first half 2014.