Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In Reveals She Lost Thousands in the Stock Market

2013-09-15 09:35:23 2013-09-15 09:35:23

The Brown Eyed Girls were the week’s guests on tvN’s mobile talk show “Taxi,” and during the recording, the members talked about a range of things- from the hardships they faced when they first debuted, their long-awaited success with “Abracadabra,” to the little unknown facts and happenings of the group and each member.

While discussing how much the group earned with their mega-hit song “Abracadabra,” Ga In revealed that she once lost thousands of dollars through a bad investment in stocks. She lost half her investment due to the bad advice of a stock firm employee and became a netizen herself, leaving malicious comments online towards the stock firm, as well as calling to complain.

ga in taxi

This episode featuring Brown Eyed Girls will air tomorrow on tvN.