[Live Recap] “Master’s Sun” Episode 13

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Given the choice between not having him alive and not having him in her life – it was a no brainer about which one Gong Sil would choose. Her bravery in that moment was unparalleled. She would have given up anything in that instant just to bring him back alive. Joong Won got to say he loved her with words, but she gets to prove her love with her decision. She made it willingly and without hesitation. Joong Won stopped to make calculations along the way to falling in love, but she never did. To her there is nothing to calculate. What she feels in her heart equals anything that is in his best interest first. Even losing her own life is worth saving his. What kills me more about her sacrifice is that he doesn’t even know that yet.  The second he learns the truth, how much do you want to bet this time he will be the one in tears.

I watched this entire episode with tears in my eyes. It never got a chance to stop – watching her cry made them fall more. I took sympathy crying to a whole other level.

Written before it aired:

Waiting to exhale never took so long, but it’s finally here. It took quite a few days for every fan of this show to breathe normally again after hyperventilating through last week’s cliffhanger. Being near death may have given Joong Won the courage to stop using semantics to voice his feelings for her and come right to the point and admit he loves her, but all she could see was him fading away. As Gong Sil’s acute pain reflected in her cries, I bet her heart was quietly letting the gravity of his words sink in. All this time, Gong Sil couldn’t believe someone like him could ever love her. She didn’t think she deserved it. She didn’t dare believe it was real. As most women would in her situation, she hoped he felt something too, but her insecurity kept her from seeing the truth. Her sister and all her friends never once doubted that Gong Sil was good enough for Joong Won, but there was a wall of protection built up over the years since her ability began that just could not be knocked down. I guess the love and adoration in his eyes lately weren’t enough to help crumble it, but all the telltale signs were there. The first indication was the moment he realized he doesn’t hate her hugging him anymore when she ran into his arms in the parking garage -that’s when he felt it was not as distasteful as he thought and didn’t pull away until she was ready to let go. Just the fact that Joong Won changed before her eyes should have been all the proof and confirmation she needed. Maybe now his ultimate sacrifice will make her believe in his love, but why did it take almost losing him to find her faith.

 Main Cast:

joo-joong-won tae-gong-shil kang-woo tae-yi-ryung
Joo Joong Won (JW)  Tae Gong Shil (GS) Kang Woo (KW)  Tae Yi Ryeong (YR)
gwi-do sung-ran seok-chan  
Kim Gwi Do (Secretary Kim)  Joo Sung Ran (SR) Do Seuk Chul (SC)

Episode 13 

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Starts from the operating room and the sound of someone flat lining. Joong Won’s body is still with the alarm going off that his heart stopped.

Joong Won tells Gong Sil he loves her and disappears. she sits and cries.

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Doctors try to resuscitate him over and over.

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Gong Sil sits in the hallway as Sung Ran runs over with Seuk Chul right behind. Sung Ran says to GS -They said this happened cuz he was with you. I feared something about you – I told you to stay away from him! doctors come over. Sung Ran asks what happened to our Joong Won. doctors: his heart stopped for a short while before surgery but thankfully his vitals are back and he is in surgery. Gong Sil: he isn’t dead? president is still alive? doctor: thankfully his heart didn’t stop. he will get through the surgery well safely. Gong Sil: he didn’t die. like that hotel ajumma – he just came out (of his body) for a short time. I have to go to him. that person thought he was dead. for him to come back safely, I have to….suddenly Sung Ran slaps her for daring to say Joong Won died and tells her not to hang around by his side ever again

Joong Won’s surgery resumes. 

Gong Sil sits and prays holding that necklace. Kim comes over to her. Gong Sil asks -what about the president? Kim: his surgery ended well. Gong Sil: did he wake up?  Kim shakes his head no. the aunt is not in there right now so go in for a short time to see him.  she thanks him and goes in

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She cries seeing him in bed. she remembers back when he said – “going so deeply into the world you see is dangerous.” then how he said “I already went as far as I could go” then how he said “after just looking at you, I must have been totally bewitched.” She cries standing there saying I am sorry. I am sorry.

Kang Woo comes over and asks Kim about the president. Kim shakes his head. Kang Woo:  is Tae Gong Sil still here? Kim nods yes

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Gong Sil cant bring herself to hold his hand and just stares at Joong Won and Kang Woo watches from the doorway. she looks over at Kang Woo and he comes in. she says I saw the president. he thought he was dead and came to say goodbye. what do I do if he can’t come back? I can see them, but I cant call ghosts. she remembers what that scary woman said “darkness eventually swallows light and death eventually swallows life.” Gong Sil runs out saying I have to meet that person.

Gong Sil meets that scary woman. the woman says cuz he met the bright sun (Tae Yang) in death, that person’s soul will think that he is dead -that he is still alive and needs to go back -he wont be able to tell the difference. Gong Sil: cuz he saw me he wont come back? woman says he will probably prepare to disappear forever.

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Joong Won sits in a room reading Agatha Christie and sees Hee Joo’s ghost. She calls out his name and asks – you can read books now? Joong Won: cuz I am dead. she says you can see me now – we can be together now

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Gong Sil asks the woman to call to his soul –  I have to tell him that he isn’t dead and is still alive and that he has to come back.  the woman says I cant see souls/spirits like you, but I can reach souls. Gong Sil: you have to hurry and call him – if it’s too late he might not be able to come back. woman asks if I help you, then what will you do for me. I need your ability. are you able to give me your sacrifice? Gong Sil: what happens if I become the sacrificial offering.  woman says you wont be able to live the way you want. why? do you need to calculate? you don’t have time. Gong Sil: I will become the sacrificial offering or anything. just make him come back. the woman says since you took up my offer, I will call your man now. to call him I need his belonging. something he will recognize. Gong Sil touches the sun pendant. the woman asks -does he know you are Tae Yang by that? Gong Sil nods yes. woman says that will be good then. Gong Sil takes it off and hands it to her.  woman takes it and says like I said – cuz he met you – he will believe he is dead. so to break the spell and call him and return him -I have to erase all those moment you were so bright.  Gong Sil: are you saying he wont remember the moment he came to find me? (she remembers how he said I love you) but the woman says I said all those moments. all the moments Tae Yang when he saw you being bright. every meaning like this necklace -it will be erased. Gong Sil: he wont remember anything about me at all? woman says it’s payment for the sake of sending him back. will that be ok? Gong Sil cries and says it doesn’t matter. the crazy Tae Yang was going to get lost from his life anyway. the woman says Joo Joong Won shi – where are you? She starts her spell and drops the necklace in the bowl. red paper gets burned and dropped inside.

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Joong Won closes the book and follows Hee Joo’s ghost to the door – to the light. but the wind blows and stops Joong Won from following. Hee Joo disappears. he looks at his hand at the pendant glowing. the woman’s voice says you aren’t dead – you have to go back.  it’s that bright light that disappeared. the pendant vanishes in his hand. when the pendant disappeared so did his memories of Gong Sil.

Joong Won stirs in his recovery room.

Gong Sil runs down the hallway to Joong Won and the woman’s voice says don’t forget your deal – he will have gone back safely.

Hanna walks over to his bedside to strangle him but touches his cheek instead and calls out his name. wake up- I waited 15 yrs to meet you – wake up.  

Gong Sun runs and prays please president- open your eyes safely

Joong Won opens his eyes. Hanna asks did you wake up? you woke up. your aunt is waiting outside. I will call her. she will be very happy. she calls and says the patient woke up.

Gong Sil comes over and Sung Ran says our Joong Won woke up. Gong Sil: thank goodness. Sung Ran: Tae Gong Sil shi-  I will sincerely make this request – no more. she goes in to see Joong Won

Gong Sil tells Kim – thank goodness. Kim: wait until aunt leaves and you can see him for a short time. Gong Sil: no it’s ok. it’s only up to here – I wont go further. Kim: the president will want to see you first before anyone else. Gong Sil: that wont be-  I wont be in  his life anymore. she holds her pendant.

Sung Ran: I thought you were really going to die. Joong Won: what happened to me. Sung Ran: what do you mean what happened. I told you to get rid of her. you almost died following her. Joong Won: follow what? who are you talking about? Kim goes over and says thank goodness you woke up. Joong Won: why am I like this? did I get hit by a lightning?

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Kang Woo: what do you mean he wont remember you?  Gong Sil: that’s what she said would happen. he got hurt next to a woman who can see ghosts. she said when he appeared as a ghost, all his memories would disappear.