[Recap] Soompi Weekly Roundup – September Week 3

2013-09-21 04:46:06 2015-08-21 04:35:59

All the important Korean Entertainment news from this week in one place: This is your Weekly Soompi Roundup!  

Thanks to Chuseok, the Korean Thanksgiving holiday, Koreans had a five day weekend. So what were Koreans doing since they weren’t working or going to school? They were watching all the Chuseok specials! Here is the list of Soompi’s Chuseok centered articles

In other non-Chuseok news..


The SNS photo of the week goes to Super Junior‘s Siwon just because he’s so handsome. That’s all. For more SNS goodness, check out our K-Pop Instagram gallery

Next…a lot of big comebacks lined up for the month of October.