[Exclusive] Going Behind the Scenes at ZE:A’s Showcase

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As most of you already know, (if you didn’t, where have you been!) Soompi partnered with Star Empire, Ustream, and KT Genie to present ZE:A’s showcase for the group’s latest mini album “Illusion” some time back. The Soompi Team headed over to Club Ellui in Gangnam earlier that day to watch their dress rehearsal right before the main event and also went backstage to hang out with the boys!

The members are cute and handsome in person- just like they are on screen. They didn’t look too nervous before the showcase and were quite playful giving our cameras some winks and hearts, singing for our Soompiers, and being really down to earth chatting with us.

It’s great to hear Kevin speaking English although he explained that he’s probably losing the Australian accent since his friends are mostly from the U.S. Kwanghee is just as playful as ever and the rest of the boys have fun and hiding any nervousness they might have before the big show.

2 Siwan

The members were already suited up and had their hair and makeup done by the time we rolled in for the dress rehearsal. Sorry, Soompiers. We can’t tell you who has the best skin, but all their skins look smooth up close! Maybe next time we can give a more accurate observation?

3 Dongjun

Although it was a very hot afternoon in Seoul that day, it was nice and cool at the showcase. (Air conditioners are the only way to survive in Seoul during the summer. No doubt about that!) The boys had more than 30 minutes for the dress rehearsal, but quickly cut it short to our surprise. Couple of the members cutely told the staff that they need to hurry and quickly finish the dress rehearsal because it’s too hot outside and fans are waiting in the heat. They wanted the fans to come inside as soon as possible. Why don’t we all saw “Awww.” 3a Taeheon

4 Heechul

Just a few more minutes of soundcheck, the members left the stage and fans started pouring in bringing much excitement to the atmosphere. As it’s a special and selective event, most of the fans were Korean, but there were a good handful of foreigners. As the fans kept filing in, Soompi went backstage to spend some time with the boys before their showcase.

5a Hyungshik

5a Minwoo