[Live Recap] “Master’s Sun” Episode 15

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I love when tables turn, but it’s even more appealing cuz we are talking about Joong Won. The man who despised anyone touching him has come a long way over the months to get to this point where he is willingly putting on an act to wring sympathy points out of Gong Sil to get some skinship. Ever since last night, Gong Sil has been pulling away from him, but every chance he gets, he finds a legitimate reason to hold onto her. While they are going through this invisible tug of war emotionally, they are physically doing the same thing. He keeps reaching out for her and she keeps pulling away. It makes you wonder what it’s going to take to convince Gong Sil that he wants her in his life since she is still running scared that being with her puts him in harm’s way. Joong Won doesn’t know the hell she went through in those moments when she thought she had lost him for good – if he even experienced a second of her pain from that night he will know exactly why she has good reason to fear. That kind of loss is something she can never go through twice. Based on what happened tonight, I would say Joong Won is about to get just a taste of what utter emptiness and loss feels like in the coming days. The bitterness is that we have to experience that with him as we wait yet another week for the finale.

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Written before it aired:

As far as harmless second leads goes, this one is a keeper. Kang Woo has been the epitome of a gallant knight short of a white steed. Somewhere along the way he transitioned from potential rival for Joong Won to her unobtrusive bodyguard. If Gong Sil was a radar for ghosts, he is one for the underdog. He stays quiet in the back till he is needed and swoops in to save the day and humbly steps away from his deserved limelight. He doesn’t need praise or applause since the only attention he seeks is Gong Sil’s so his heroism goes unnoticed. No matter what happens, Kang Woo will always continue to protect her, sacrificing his own happiness along the way to get it done. The most fuss he will throw is to scowl or make a fist whenever he has to speak up and say something that makes him lose even more ground with her than he already has. The best thing about him is that he really listens to Gong Sil and gives her room to breathe knowing full well she may never come to him cuz doing what’s best for her takes priority before his own feelings. All this time, he never pushed and only encouraged and lets her make her own choices and mistakes. Never a one to judge or say I told you so, when Gong Sil is feeling low, he just goes over to her side and holds her hand till she can stand up again on her own two feet – ever ready to steady her again when she needs it. Unfortunately, Kang Woo has been waiting on the wings for his turn a little too long and needs to admit he lost his place in her love life. While he stayed busy guarding her heart, in the process, he neglected to take care of his own. As I watched him follow her around hoping she would call out his name aloud even once, I couldn’t help feeling a twinge of sadness since the only name her heart will ever want to say isn’t his.  

*The BTS of Kang Woo and Gong Sil’s hugging bed scene was hilarious – Gong Hyo Jin was enjoying it so much even the crew pointed that out and she readily agreed.

 Main Cast:

joo-joong-won tae-gong-shil kang-woo tae-yi-ryung
Joo Joong Won (JW)  Tae Gong Shil (GS) Kang Woo (KW)  Tae Yi Ryeong (YR)
gwi-do sung-ran seok-chan  
Kim Gwi Do (Secretary Kim)  Joo Sung Ran (SR) Do Seuk Chul (SC)

Episode 15 

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Starts from Joong Won saying – in your world I am the one special being so without me you should say I think I will die so that I feel less indignant. but she says what to do -right now if you weren’t around – it’s only to the extent “oh that’s too bad.” Joong Won: to the extent of “oh that’s too bad”? He lets her pull her hand away.  Gong Sil: I wasn’t waiting for you to some day remember me. even if I showed you this (the necklace) your memories should have come back easily, but I held onto it and didn’t return it. Joong Won: you decided not to return it? Gong Sil: yes cuz I thought it would be comfortable for each of us without it. since this was thrown away and I picked it up, I was going to throw it away. so you have it. she puts it in his hand. Joong Won: were you really going to throw it away? she nods yes. Joong Won: if I didn’t remember on my own after trying to recall it and came to find it, you would have thrown it away and I wouldn’t have been able to find it forever. Gong Sil: yes. anyhow I would have thrown it away. Joong Won: then should I throw it away? Gong Sil: it’s yours so do what you want. Joong Won: ok then I will throw it away too- cleanly. he walks towards the railing as she walks away.

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Just as he is about to toss he looks at her and gets an idea. He suddenly yells out in pain and leans against the railing. she runs back to him asking with concern – are you in pain? Joong Won: yes it hurts. she asks aren’t you all better? Joong Won: have you been stabbed by a screwdriver? if it had gone just a little deeper it would have pierced my heart. He grabs onto her shoulder and puts his arm around her trying not to smile. Gong Sil: does it keep hurting? Joong Won: as my memories come back – that moment when I was stabbed came up too. Gong Sil: go home. Joong Won: yes I should go home. go to the parking lot. Gong Sil pulls away saying I will go call someone but he holds her tighter to him saying – who did I get hurt for? you cant do even this much? you’re too much. Gong Sil: let’s go. he yells out in pretend pain again and limps along saying – when I was hurt you didn’t come to the hospital even once huh. she says you don’t remember anyway so there is nothing to feel upset about. Joong Won: do you know how much pain I was in? truthfully even now every time I breathe -it hurts. Gong Sil: yes it must have hurt a lot.  Joong Won: is that all? try being concerned with your all. Gong Sil: yes you must have been in a lot of pain. He yells out again

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They get to his car and he tosses her the keys. Joong Won: you drive. Gong Sil: me? JW: then should I when I am in pain. open the door. she does and he gets in. she gets in and puts her seatbelt on and he holds onto her shoulder saying it will be dangerous if something pops up while you are driving so this is for my safety’s sake. she buys that excuse so he touches her hair a bit and stares at her. when she looks over at him he says you just focus on driving -even though I am in pain I am holding it in. drive.

Sung Ran says sorry to Hanna that Joong Won went home cuz he didn’t feel well. Seuk Chul: I think he ran after Tae Gong Sil. even though he doesn’t remembering something is pulling him to her.  cuz she was a woman he liked so much that he threw his body in to rescue her so of course he would do that.  Hanna asks – did Joo Joong Won shi get hurt while rescuing that woman. Sung Ran tries to deny it but Seuk Chul says that’s correct. Hanna: so that’s it. so that woman Tae Gong Shi meant that much to him. Hanna runs her fingers through her hair combing it.

Flashback to the twins meeting. Hee Joo does the same thing and finger combs her hair. Hanna: you and I are the same but the one Joong Won really likes isn’t you.  Hee Joo: Joong Won thinks the one he likes is Cha Hee Joo. Hanna:  I want to tell Joong Won who I really am. I am sorry Hee Joo

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Kim tells Kang Woo about the twins. Kim: the niece that was left I wasn’t able to save her. between the twins, the one who was adopted to England was Hanna and Hee Joo was the kid who grew up at the orphanage in Korea. flashback to Hanna saying to him – you said I was a twin so I will go and find my younger sister. he shows Kang Woo the photo of them meeting together. Kim: I was going to follow her and meet Hee Joo who had been left behind in Korea, but Hanna came back to England and said Hee Joo died in the accident. flashback to when Hanna said to him: my younger sister died. why didn’t you find that kid uncle and left her alone. Kim: after that I didn’t meet Hanna but why did that girl show up after 15 yrs next to Joogoon. Kang Woo: the possibility of her being the accomplice is high. Kim: Hanna is not a kid who would ever do that. Kang Woo: He will be surprised at the evidence that Hanna Brown is a twin to the dead Chae Hee Joo – but when he knows you are a blood relative to Cha Hee Joo – president Joo’s shock will be great. He might even misunderstand you. Kim worries: the time that I spent next to Joogoon –  it might end with a misunderstanding that will be hard to resolve.

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Gong Sil takes him home and tells him “rest – I will be going,” but he gets alarmed and quickly grabs her and makes her stay. Joong Won: what do you want to drink? I will drink beer so you cider. he checks and doesn’t have any cider so he tells her to drink sparkling water. Gong Sil: you said you were in pain. Joong Won: did you think I dragged you all the way here just cuz my back was hurting.  you knew that wasn’t it so you came all this way didn’t you? he sits and says starting from now let’s act like it didn’t happen and start anew to sort this through (figure things out). He takes off his jacket and tie. she says ok since I came all this way – talk. Joong Won: cuz of the blame you took (guilt) for my accident, wanting to run away, I understand. dragging me into it, you might think it was your fault, but it was my fault too for jumping in recklessly/without caution – I just need to be careful about that from here on. being involved with you, I thought there would be an end so I wanted to step back enough, but after experiencing “I’m really dying – this is the end” I know for sure –  I don’t want to end it with you. I wont end it. keep staying by my side. I will handle it. Gong Sil: so you decided to do that? Joong Won: yes so now when I seduce you – you just have to fall for me. drink. Even he has a hard time saying that with a straight face and grins like a loon. Gong Sil: just cuz you seduce me – I don’t think I will fall for you. He looks up in surprise. Gong Sil:  to me -you aren’t someone who makes me lose my breath like in the past. Joong Won: I was your bunker. why? cuz I got a screwdriver stuck in me – did I lose my effectiveness? Gong Sil:  That’s not it – like in the past I’m not so scared of ghosts -even if you are the bunker – there is hardly any use in that. even now you are wealthy and successful, but that distinctive appeal/attractive quality has disappeared. Joong Won: you said I was the best bunker made of marble when you used me, but now what did you say? cuz you aren’t scared of ghosts, I lost my appeal? Gong Sil: yes that’s cuz – say that I liked some guy cuz he had a lot of money, but if his home was ruined, it means his appeal dropped. Joong Won: I lowered myself as much as I could (my standards) to match you I thought but right now you are saying cuz my worth has dropped you want to rethink it. Gong Sil: don’t match me and lower it (your level) and don’t drop – I told you I don’t want that. I will be going. he says ok leave for now -while looking in the mirror, I will see how I can upgrade myself anew with an attractive point -after looking hard  for it, I will go after you again. Gong Sil: do that. she walks out.

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After she  is gone he says to his pointing finger -she said you don’t have any appeal – it’s the first time you heard you those words huh? don’t tremble and don’t get angry. you have to go again to try. hold it in. this is no fun.

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The client pays madam Go for her service as Joong Won goes over to them. she says you calculated quickly. Joong Won: call out how much you want – I will give it to you all. she says the calculations must have come out exact. (meaning he figured out exactly how much Gong Sil means to him)  Joong Won: If I pay for it – that contract you have with Tae Gong Sil is over. if you drag that woman in again,  I will make sure you have a marriage forever. to do that you would have to die first. she says I will never cover up your sun (Tae Yang) again.

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Gong Sil goes outside her home talking to a ghost saying I will talk with madam Go -first priority is looks? you are dead so why pick on looks so much. she turns and gets startled to see Joong Won there. the ghost likes his looks and tells Gong Sil Joong Won is perfect for her. Gong Sil says that person is alive. where are you overstepping? get lost now. Joong Won says to her – they said it would rain at night – are you going to GT again looking like that? Gong Sil: what is GT? Joong Won: what madam Go made you do – ghost training. going around catching ghosts -did you go to places that weren’t as scary? Gong Sil: it’s cuz there was a contract that I made. Joong Won: that is over now. I settled with her. of course you don’t need to thank me. just adjust what you said about how my appeal and attractive points dropped. Gong Sil: ah so you settled it. you must have heard but I made that contract to save you. I thought it’s a good thing you woke up safely, but somehow it did feel unfair cuz I was the only one who got the bad draw (having the burden to pay off the debt). Joong Won:  it would have been better to hear if you thought you did it out of sacrifice, devotion, or love. Gong Sil: those pretty feelings are only in fairytales. the goat in the stormy night that met the wolf- their hearts – putting up with each other – it was pretty cuz it’s a fairytale. in reality the wolf and goat shouldn’t be together. you know that very well. Joong Won: you died and woke up and gave up on reality and jumped into the fairytale but it seems you finally crawled out. Gong Sil: mine was a cruel fairytale. one side died and came to find me as a ghost. I was scared so I crawled out. so you too -go back to your neighborhood. Joong Won: today you told me to get lost 3 times. that means I held it in 3 times. Gong Sil: didn’t you say that before? clinging after being told to get lost is what stray dogs do. you don’t seem to understand that well. Joong Won: My ears are open so I hear well, but I don’t understand it. Gong Sil gets distracted by a ghost and asks why did you come again grandma?  he says we are having an important talk now – what are you doing – tell her to come back later. Gong Sil asks your son is there like that again passed out? that’s really dangerous. let’s go. she is about to leave so he is about to touch her asking where are you going but she wont let him saying “don’t touch me -this isn’t the time for the bunker to come out unnecessarily -go home” and walks off. he says this is the 4th time she told me to get lost. I am counting them all

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He goes after her asking  it’s going to rain soon so aren’t you scared at all. Gong Sil: it’s bearable. she mutters about the granna’s problem -your son’s condition isn’t good? he is upsetting you so you cant leave huh grandma? Joong Won asks what grandma – tell me too. she  says you cant see that grandma anyway. you don’t need to know. she laughs with the ghost so he asks why are you laughing? what is it? Gong Sil: you cant even hear so why bother. she resumes talking to the ghost so he asks you are insulting me with the ghost aren’t you? even though I cant hear I know. it’s correct you insulted me huh? she says he is over there and runs off

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She goes over and sees a man on the ground. the man is drunk and passed out. Joong Won says I can see his person too – how much did he drink? Gong Sil asks his mom should I wake him up like last time and sings to him so the guy gets up and sings along. he brags I got first place there. she tells him someone who got first place shouldn’t be passed out here like this and not to lay under the truck cuz it’s dangerous. she tells the grandma to go with her son now. Joong Won looks over at Gong Sil and says all you had to do was explain about this and come. but she says what if he was someone dangerous and wielded something deadly then would you come running like that time to rescue me? what if he had a gun? you could get shot by that too huh? I am saying I wont drag you around to that anymore. Joong Won: then are you saying to leave you alone in danger? Gong Sil: you and I being together is more dangerous. we cant see or hear the same things. he holds out his hand and says then hold onto me so you don’t see or hear too. Gong Sil:  how can I live just clinging to you? when I have my world too. Joong Won: when you said you could bear to live without me -it was for real. Gong Sil: I held onto you too desperately so you were bewitched. truthfully – no matter what woman – they wouldn’t be able to hang onto you the way I did. even though you yanked my hair I showed up again. even though you told me to get lost over a 100 times – I clung to you. I am sorry. you don’t have any reason to let me stick to you. he agrees and says I have become bewitched and lost my mind. you are saying such smart things but I don’t get it. I must have become  a stray dog. Gong Sil: after making me get away from you and think about it rationally -you will come to your senses. Joong Won: I don’t want to hear you say get lost the fifth time so I will be going. it’s dark so be careful with ghosts and go home well. he leaves.

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*the love in his eyes cant be suppressed anymore – it just pours out of him with each lingering look.

She asks the coffee ghost – you are still here? someone wants to see me? now? who?