Ha Ji Won, Song Hye Kyo, and Song Ji Hyo Are Among the Top Cosmetics Models in Their 30s

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Being a model for a cosmetics company is something that many actresses want to achieve. Considering the strong competition between actresses in their 30s, it is a good chance for the actresses to establish a presence in the show business. Only a handful of actresses who have everything – clear skin, bright skin tone, distinct facial features- can make decent money in the field. Currently, the tasks of cosmetic models include not only just posing on ads, but also participating in various events, fan meetings, and making a presentation. They are also responsible for each brand’s image. Then, who is the best cosmetics model with flawless skin which everyone envies?

Previously, miss A‘s Suzy was selected as the best cosmetics model in her 10-20s and became a hot topic of interest. This time, the Korean public was surveyed to see which actress in her 30s made the best cosmetics model. A total of 12,318 netizens joined and voted on the survey at Tllion (www.tillionpanel.com), a market research website in Korea, and the winners were announced recently. 

No.1 Ha Ji Won

olay hajiwon 4

Approval Rating: 13% (1,596 points)

Age: 35

Brand: Olay

Tips for skin care: Letting my skin breath. During shooting, I take off my makeup and give my skin a rest whenever possible. Eating a lot of fruit would definitely help your skin look good.

Ha Ji Won is a cosmetic model who is mostly loved by women more than men. She definitely brought the brand back to life and deserves the number one position as the “best cosmetic model.”