Girls’ Generation Tiffany Goes Sporty Chic for “Nylon”

2013-10-01 22:27:27 2013-10-01 22:27:27

Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany is lovely under the sun for “Nylon” magazine.

Tiffany, widely known for her golden proportions, proves once more that heels are unnecessary for her figure to shine. As she stands directly under the blinding sun rays, we can see her legs are undeniably boast-worthy in length.

Also making an appearance are different pairs of Spris PONY, Korean athletic and casual footwear brand equivalent of Skechers. They get a chic upgrade this spread as Tiffany matches them with a variety of colorful bags in luxurious textures.

Tiffany herself looks extra chic as she wears a short bob and crisp smokey eye make-up. The interview revealed that she was heavily inspired by the film “The Great Gatsby” and the 1920s fashion.

The photo shoot took place in Bali, a rare spot on the globe Tiffany had not been before.