[Live Recap] “Master’s Sun” Episode 17

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This show didn’t just end on a high note – it screamed it out. Good luck finding another rom-com this good anytime soon. I love that all the necessary loose ends were tied up. There wasn’t a clear cut exposition of every minor detail, but it grazed the truth enough to give us satisfactory justifications. Every kdrama fan knows that happy endings come in all shapes and sizes. Some you have to read into it and draw your own conclusions while others you really have to work hard to make sense of things, but Master’s Sun left nothing to chance.  From what I could see, everything that needed to be crossed and dotted was done. If anything – this finale will just leave you wanting more.

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Written before it aired:

It all came down to sacrifice. How much each of them was willing to make for the other. If you listen carefully to their dialogue as they parted last night, line after line all you hear are words spoken for the other’s sake. He was willing to let her go just in case she could be rid of her ability. Just like Kim said, Joong Won is not someone who easily accepts another’s decision, but he did with Gong Sil – even though it meant his heart had to break just agreeing with her. To protect him, Gong Sil was willing to never see him again if she couldn’t get rid of her ability.  When Joong Won stopped in the hall to say she didn’t tell him she loved him all the way till the end, I wanted to remind him she just did. The greatest sacrifice she made was not to chase after him and hold onto him. By not going after him, she was showing him how much she loved him. Everyone kept saying she was being noble and foolish for not staying with him and pushing him away, but staying by his side meant he could be pulled into danger once again. That is not something anyone should fault her for. Keeping him safe is the best way she can show how much she loves him. If you watch both of them cry in that moment, it’s hard to distinguish which one had a harder time letting go. That one scene encapsulates everything about their relationship. He was willing to change for her. She was willing to walk away from him to protect him. All that means is they loved each other so much, they were willing to make sacrifices for each other. In the middle of my translations, I stopped to ask myself – what does it take to love with all your heart? I think I found my answer in this couple. They loved so much that they are in each other’s souls.

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Even though all the characters evolved over time, the consistency in their true nature stayed the same. The only person I rooted for from start to finish was Gong Sil. After all the hardships she had to endure, if anyone earned their happy ending, it was this brave young woman for never giving up and continuing to be true to herself. I believe that is what made her stand out from all the other women in Joong Won’s eyes. Even after she earned enough money to dress better, her simple wardrobe stayed the same. She never pretended to be anything else and I believe it’s that artless charm and ingenuousness that Joong Won fell in love with. As for Joong Won, he may have softened up a bit, but his words still have that little bit of bite to it now and then. It’s not what he says, but how he chooses to say it that makes it go from charming to borderline arrogant. I’m so glad he is no longer so overly obsessed with money or as rude as he used to be. In earlier episodes when he pulled Gong Sil’s hair and treated her so roughly, I sort of wanted her to get away from him. I felt protective of poor Gong Sil and wanted to advise her to find another bunker cuz this one is too rough around the edges. I really wondered if there was a soft underbelly to get to cuz he seemed to be made of granite. From watching their progression, it felt like every selfless thing Gong Sil said or did acted as a chisel to chip away at all the dents and rough edges of Joong Won’s personality till he became the considerate loving person we see now. He isn’t a masterpiece yet, but over time when he becomes a husband and then a father, I bet his abrasiveness will smooth out even more. I have no doubt that Kang Woo will continue his role as the ever protective bodyguard if he starts a relationship with Yi Ryeong. I only hope that some of his sincerity and dignified demeanor rubs off on her so she can grow up. I could never take her character seriously since almost every word out of her mouth was to either praise herself or degrade others. Part of me still wishes Kang Woo had the sense to run away. Just cuz an easy target pursues you doesn’t mean you have to stop and be caught.  Move on to someone worthy of your love and devotion I say. Hopefully over time, she will gradually start to deserve his trust and love.

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When it came to writing these brief little intros or conclusions each night, all I had to do was re-watch a certain scene to capture the intensity of that moment and the words just flowed. It practically wrote itself cuz there is nothing about this show that failed in my book. What made Master’s Sun stand out from the rest of the rom-coms was its uncanny ability to mix mature humor with a dash of innocence. To be honest, I have never seen a drama with so much skinship right out of the gate before. There was so much hand holding, hugging, and even a few surprise kisses throughout the series and it felt like it only started to slow down recently as emotions finally factored into the equation. I appreciate how the Hong sisters managed to deal with the raciness aspect so deftly that it came out as rated G. There is no doubt that this drama handles mature matters on an adult level. All that teasing and the endless innuendoes only served to spice up the scenes and take it to the next level. If only more shows would take a cue and learn that mature humor done right can not only be engaging, but refreshing as well. When all is said and done, the driving force behind this drama was Gong Sil and Joong Won. What made this couple so effortlessly endearing was that their love story worked on every level – the execution of their acting and directing made it surpass all of our expectations from the very first episode. There was a certain look – a specific delivery of line that made this show stand out from the rest. They did a great job of conveying their characters’ emotions – when they felt hurt we winced in pain right along with them. Only a handful of dramas this year managed to do it right and this one is moving to the top of that list.

Years from now when I look back on this drama, this is what I will miss the most. The anticipation right before a new episode starts. The satisfaction of watching a drama so well written, directed, and produced that even the cast and staff seem to relish every moment. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed watching so many BTS clips that were just as entertaining as the show itself. This was collaboration at its best -when everything syncs and the momentum is never lost. Even for this finale, expectations are running high and hardly anyone doubts that Master’s Sun will end just as it began – with a running start that never lost pace.  

Thank you everyone for sharing your insights and love for this drama. It’s been a great pleasure to share each episode with all of you. I really appreciate all the supportive comments you left for me and hope you don’t have to wait too long for the next great drama to come along.

 Main Cast:

joo-joong-won tae-gong-shil kang-woo tae-yi-ryung
Joo Joong Won (JW)  Tae Gong Shil (GS) Kang Woo (KW)  Tae Yi Ryeong (YR)
gwi-do sung-ran seok-chan  
Kim Gwi Do (Secretary Kim)  Joo Sung Ran (SR) Do Seuk Chul (SC)

Episode 17 Finale

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Starts from Joong Won saying I was so shocked I thought I was seeing a hallucination but it’s you Tae Gong Sil. she says I was so shocked I thought I saw a ghost. he asks is your radar still up and running? can you still see ghosts? was the one you were with a ghost? were you having a drink with it now? she says I didn’t want to meet like this. there are no ghosts- I don’t see them anymore. Joong Won:for real? Gong Sil: yes so stop talking about ghosts now. have you been well. Joong Won: someone who is curious whether I have been well doesn’t call and makes me meet like this at a place like this? Gong Sil: I was curious. I was thinking of going to meet you. Joong Won: at least you were thinking of going to me. Gong Sil: I’ve been well – I went here and there abroad. I changed. he says you do look different. Jin Joo comes over so he asks if everyone from Saejin all arrived. she says yes president Park just arrived so they are all here. Joong Won: tell them my urgent meeting got delayed so tell them I will be a little late and make my excuses.  Gong Sil says you have an appointment. Joong Won: yes it’s a meeting that has a lot of money riding on it. I could lose millions by delaying but I am making time for you. Gong Sil: is Kim not with you anymore? Joong Won: since he is getting older he doesn’t come out often for outside of the office meetings.  she suddenly remembers if it’s Park Saeyun from Saejin group -isn’t she the woman you were going to get engaged to? Joong Won: yes I’m holding hands with her and will open Shanghai Kingdom soon. Gong Sil: after holding hands with her you will earn a lot of money. we met at the wrong time. Joong Won: it’s the timing where I will go to China next month and not come back for a few years so we met properly. Gong Sil: while going around abroad – it’s not as much as you but I earned some money somehow. I made some investments so I even bought a home in England. Joong Won: Since you are bragging about earning money I will congratulate you. but do you really not see them anymore? Gong Sil: yes I don’t see them now. Joong Won: So is that why you are enjoying alcohol alone? Gong Sil: yes these days I enjoy this stuff. Joong Won: that is something to brag about so have a glass.  he pours for her and says since I have a meeting it’s too bad I can’t drink with you. congratulations for having your radar off. since nothing is showing up it’s ok now (to drink) right? why? truthfully like in the past if you drink this -that something will go in and out -are you afraid? instead of thinking “I was going to go” were you worried “will it be ok for me to go (to him)?” she drinks it all and says no I am ok. I told you I changed now. Joong Won: that’s how it looks. he pours another glass and congratulates her again. she says thank you and downs it. Gong Sil: you said there is money leaking -the timing isn’t good. let’s meet again at a good time.  Joong Won: if I find the right time were you planning to come and see me? Gong Sil: yes I was thinking of doing that. She gets up and says I will be leaving first. after she leaves the table, Joong Won says: she got better but she didn’t recognize me right away.

Gong Sil walks away and gets followed by a drunk ghost. she yells at it saying don’t follow me around. you got drunk there and fell off the rooftop. at that time why cry and ask me to buy you alcohol. leaving out ghosts-not a Tae Yang that has the radar on-  I wanted to meet him again just as Tae Gong Sil- it was all ruined cuz of you ajumma.

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In the cab she acts drunk so the driver asks miss are you ok? if you don’t feel well should I open the window? she asks him to go to mangwoori (a location of a gravesite) and not seodaemun – the place she originally told him to go.  she repeats I have to go to mangwoori. before I go I have to buy a shovel. where can I buy one? he asks why a shovel. she says in a scary voice – a tree root keeps poking me. I have to cut it off. he asks are you drunk – where is a tree root? she smiles and asks have you ever been buried in the ground? she scares the driver and just then Joong Won honks and makes the driver pull over. he goes over to Gong Sil and tells her to get out – forget about the timing. the driver says are you her boyfriend. that’s good. I cant go so take this miss who does shoveling at mangwoori away. She gets out and says let’s go to mangwoori. Joong Won sizes her up and guesses what is happening and says “so it went in. get lost.” he touches her so the ghost leaves her body. She faints on his shoulder so he hugs her close.  if you avoided me cuz of the ghost I will overlook it Tae Gong Sil. He hugs her tighter.

주군의 태양.E17.END.131003.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[00-38-10]주군의 태양.E17.END.131003.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[00-37-59]주군의 태양.E17.END.131003.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[03-03-12]주군의 태양.E17.END.131003.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[03-07-13]

In the morning she is sleeping next to him holding hands. She wakes up and he is watching her. Joong Won: Tae Yang -are you awake. you are wondering how much did I want to sleep with this man to have this kind of dream huh? since you were already dreaming do you feel like it’s a waste that it wasn’t more gratuitous (for mature audience)? it doesn’t matter to me that the sun already rose. should I cooperate? come here. he pulls her closer so she pulls away and sits up. Gong Sil: what happened. why am I here. Joong Won: you really did change Tae Gong Sil. the Tae Yang who used to throw herself at me is now asking what happened. she asks what happened. I was clearly in a cab and on my way. he says you were drunk yesterday – I followed the cab you were in. you got kicked out of the cab for acting crazy so I picked you up. she asks was I ok. he says I wasn’t ok. last night you tried to seduce me in many ways.

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Last night she called him ajussi and asked for ice cream. after she ate a bowl she said I want to eat more and tried to get some, but he talks to her like she is a kid and says you cant have anymore cuz if you eat more my Gong Sil will have a tummy ache. she will be in pain. also you will get a chubby belly.  she kept pleading so he touches her forehead and she falls backward as the kid ghost leaves her body.

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Then another ghost takes over. he asks what are you now. looking at your pose-  I don’t think you are a dog – a cat? Joong Won mutters I thought the apartment below had a cat so it must have died.  he tells her to get down but she meows and pretends to scratch him. he says last time the dog chewed up a cushion and left so what should I toss to you.  he opens the blanket and covers her with it.

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When he gets ready to rest on the sofa, the next ghost speaks French calling him my love and tries to seduce him. he points out what she is holding is lotion to put on the face not alcohol to drink. she keeps speaking French so he says look here- you will get lost if I touch you anyway so I cant do what you want. it’s hard for me to just hold hands and sleep too. just sleep separately quietly.  she shakes her head no so he replies in French. she leans over and touches his cheek and falls in his arms as the ghost leaves – he is being strangled by her body weight. Joong Won: I am really going crazy. there is only so much I can be patient with. (meaning he is tempted too)

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Unlike last time Joong serves her coffee. Gong Sil: by any chance did I act strange yesterday when I was drunk? Joong Won: during the time I didn’t see you – you got other abilities. when you got drunk you kept coming onto me and I couldn’t do anything so just holding hands and sleeping was really hard.  she asks if nothing much happened while she was drunk. Joong Won: you just got drunk – anyone can drink and get drunk. yesterday you were just drunk Tae Gong Sil. Gong Sil: thank goodness. I am sorry

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Flashback to them holding hands after her brought her home. he wakes her calling out her name.  I will go and get you some water. but she sits up and holds his hand to her cheek saying I missed you. Joong Won: cuz you can still see those things –  did you need your bunker. Gong Sil: that’s not it – I just missed you so much. I still see ghosts. I couldn’t find a way to live normally. he asks is that why you didn’t come to me? Gong Sil: I was preparing to go to you –  after becoming a cool normal woman -if I appear in front of you – you would fall for me at first sight. after that -after you have fallen for me – I was going to say “I still see ghosts.” Joong Won: I already fell for you so what is so important about the order of what comes first or later. she says it’s important. I didn’t want to meet you again as the woman who clings to her bunker and has her radar on. I also earned a lot of money that you like. it was all ruined. he grins as she puts her head down again.

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Gong Sil: sorry for being an imposition. thank you for the coffee. she gets up to leave but he says when you spend the night at a guy’s home you should give me your number and set a date when to meet again next time. she says why give all that – I’m not that kind of loose woman. Joong Won: I thought you wouldn’t give me your number so I already got it on my own. when I call don’t run off and not answer or else I will spread a rumor that you are a loose woman.  she says don’t call. I decided I will. Joong Won: since you think what happens before and after is important – I will try to be understanding and considerate and will do as you said. but is it ok to send text?  she says ok. he thanks her. she says I will be going and leaves. he says Tae Gong Sil – try hard to seduce me -do your best-  fightin’