BoA Releases Teaser Video for New Japanese Single, “Message”

2013-10-04 20:01:18 2013-10-04 20:02:19

On October 4, BoA released a short music video for “Message,” a song from her new Japanese single, “Message/Call My Name.”

The music video features Korean actor and model Song Jae Lim, who made the transformation from a professional assassin in the MBC drama, ‘Two Weeks,’ to a photographer.  He has previously starred in commercials for Canon and Panasonic cameras, and seeing him with a camera in-hand was a familiar sight.

The song also starts with a familiar acoustic riff, reminiscent of one of BoA’s early hits, ‘My Name,” giving the song a nostalgic appeal.  While familiar, this medium-tempo song also has a very fresh sound, with a catchy beat, all rooted by BoA’s signature vocal timbre.

The full single will be released on October 23.

BoA message 1