[Recap] Soompi Weekly Roundup – October Week 1

2013-10-05 02:23:44 2013-10-05 02:23:44

All the important Korean Entertainment news from this week in one place: This is your Weekly Soompi Roundup!  

  • YG Entertainment sued a “Mr.Kim” who had been for years harassing YG and their artists with malicious comments. 
  • Other celebrities are taking a stand against evil netizens. Baek Ji Young is suing some really awful netizens who made horrible remarks about her miscarriage. IU, Song Hye Gyo, and Lee Young Ae have also taken legal actions against these netizens. Really, netizens? Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. 
  • Update on Song Joong Ki: Who needs plastic surgery when you have the army to slim down your face?
  • Heo Young Saeng will enlist as a policeman as part of his military duty at the end of October. 
  • Han Ji Min joins Lee Byung Hun and a million other actors at BH Entertainment.
  • Kim Heechul is now a webtoon writer! I haven’t checked it out yet but how can it not be funny?


The fashion pictorial of the week goes to EXO-K and their beautiful faces. 

Also don’t forget to check out our week’s best dressed idol and month’s best dressed men. You can also vote who wore it better: Suzy vs HyunA and Kim Hye Soo vs Sooyoung.

Next…this week’s top music video was “very good”