Tablo Currently Resting After Receiving Shoulder Surgery

2013-10-08 14:26:23 2013-10-08 14:26:23

It was belatedly revealed that Epik High’s Tablo fractured his shoulder and arm during one of his concerts.

On October 4, Tablo received surgery at a hospital requiring a few metal pins to be inserted. He is now resting and is being nursed by his family.

His injury happened on October 1 when he was in Henan Province, China for a concert. Tablo notified his fans via Twitter on October 2 that he got injured. “It’s a real hospital. Broke my shoulder, arm, etc.!” When one of his fans responded with worry, he answered, “I won’t die so it’s okay. ^^”

Tablo pushed through with his activities and even attended “Hallyu Dramatic Concert 2013” to perform, which took place in Jinju, a city near the southern coast of South Korea.

A YG Entertainment official stated, “Tablo’s surgery went well. He’s currently recovering and it should not become a problem for his scheduled activities.”