Lee Joon Releases Rated-R Teaser for “Rough Play”

2013-10-16 05:04:48 2016-05-29 17:35:09

Rough Play,” starring idol group MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, has been ruled as a Rated-R movie, and the new adult teaser, with hints of heavy action scenes and glimpses of Lee Joon’s bed scenes has been released.

The Rated-R teaser starts with flashes of Seo Young Hui, Yang Dong Geun, and Ma Dong Suk, making one wonder just what the relationship is between these three and Lee Joon’s character.  With the two words, “Ready, action,” we are thrown into a 30-second preview of the movie, showing the triumphs and disasters of an actor’s life. All this is perfectly portrayed by Lee Joon, who really put his everything into this movie. The trailer includes heavy action as well as a taste of the much-talked-about bedroom scenes, a first for an idol.  

“Rough Play” is a movie about the backstory of an actor (Lee Joon) who is dying to become famous, and once he gets a taste, can’t stop himself.  It will premiere on October 24.

[Warning] The teaser below is Rated-R  and has sexual content.