DMTN’s Choi Daniel Receives 1 Year Jail Sentence and Gamer Cha No Ah Receives Probation for Their Marijuana Charges

2013-10-17 01:31:52 2014-05-08 04:45:22

DMTN‘s Choi Daniel and Gamer Cha No Ah received their sentences for the their individual marijuana charges.

On October 17 Judge Ham Suk Cheon from the Seongnam Branch of the Suwon District Court sentenced Choi Daniel with a one year jail sentence and a fine of 7,060,000 KRW (roughly $6,637 USD). 

The court declared, “Daniel was involved in the distribution of Marijuana twelve times, and the direct selling of the drug four times. The sentence was based on the strict regulations of high drug-abuse risk narcotics. Although the public awareness of marijuana is relatively weak, its usage is still an offense and distributing the drug can be considered a felony.”

In the past, celebrities with marijuana charges were usually sentences to a few weeks on probation. However, because Choi Daniel was involved with the distribution and selling of the drug he received a much stronger sentence.

Gamer Cha No Ah, who is more famous as actor Cha Seung Won‘s son, also received his verdict for his marijuana usage charges on the same day. He was sentenced to two years under probation. Although no official explanation for the lesser sentence was given, it was assumed that his sentence is lesser because he was charged with just consumption of the drug, not distributing. Cha No Ah was charged with smoking marijuana two to three times in the past year. He is also in the midst of sexual assault charges