Yang Hyun Suk Discusses the Future of WIN’s Losing Team

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While Team B lost against Team A in the battle to become YG Entertainment‘s next boy group to debut, Team B, composed of B.I, Kim Jin Hwan, Bobby, Song Yoon Hyung, Go Jun Hwae, and Kim Dong Hyuk, has gathered a lot of fans, love, and support throughout the airing of the survival program “WIN: Who Is Next?“, making their future a matter of high interest and speculation.

“WIN” was a brutal program from the start, pitting YG trainees against each other to become the agency’s next boy group and promising that the losing team will either be broken up or members changed. CEO Yang Hyun Suk, the mastermind behind “WIN,” promised again and again during the airing of the program that he will keep the promised he made, and hours before the final battle that took place on the evening of October 25 KST, Papa YG discussed in more detail his thoughts about the future of the losing team in a press conference.

Yang Hyun Suk said, “I planned this program because I wanted to foster a stronger team. Honestly, though, as the program went on and I came to learn more about the good and bad points about these kids and gained affection for them, starting for episode three and four my mind started to change, since I am human too.”

He continued, “But I promised to the audience that I would immediately debut the team that wins and delay, hold off, or in the worst case scenario, break up the losing team. I believe I must keep that promise. While there are many people who think the losing team will either disband or leave YG, it might not strictly be like that. There is a large possibility that the team will practice more at YG and have either member changes or reinforcements.”

Yang Hyun Suk concluded, “I can’t talk in specifics about what will happen to the losing team, and I will be thinking about it more after the end of the show. I would like everyone to wait just a bit more to find out what will happen to the losing team.  I won’t simply be kicking the members out of YG or making them feel discouraged, so I don’t think the fans need to worry too much.”

What do you think, Soompiers? What do you think will happen to Team B? What would you like to see happen to them?’

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