Announcer Kim Bo Min: “My Salary Is Barely Enough To Pay for Coffee”

2013-10-31 14:22:45 2013-10-31 14:22:45

Kim Bo Min, who has in the past worked for shows such as “Golden Bell” and “Morning Forum,” recently revealed the harsh reality of earning a living as an announcer.

In the October 30 episode of KBS2 “Mamma Mia,” the announcer representing the same broadcast company expressed how precious she finds 100,000 Korean won (~100 US dollars).

According to her, she gets paid 5,000-8,000 KRW ( 5-8 USD) for every radio show appearance, and 20,000 KRW (20 USD) for filming a television show. As if this is not shocking enough by itself, the announcer added, “100,000 KRW can end up being an announcer’s monthly salary. After wrapping up the filming of a show, I can’t help but think ‘I just earned enough money to buy me a cup of coffee.'”

During the show, Kim Bo Min also shared a hilarious episode that is proof of the hectic nature of her occupation. She said, “Once I had to hurriedly eat my meal before going on air, so while filming the news I felt food come up to my nasal cavity. After filming was over, kimchi and ham came out when I blew my nose.”

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