Kara’s Kang Ji Young Sheds Her Cute Image for Arena Magazine

2013-11-21 07:50:16 2013-11-21 07:50:16
kang ji young

Kara member Kang Ji Young looks sexy as she shows of her curves in new pictures from Arena Magazine.

A source related to the photo shoot stated, “We were concerned at first. Due to Kang Ji Young’s well known cute image, we weren’t sure if she could pull off the sexy image. However, just after taking a few shots, Kang Ji Young looked in command with her sexy poses and eyes. Our doubts were groundless, and Kang Ji Young had always been sexy.”

After the photo shoot, Kang Ji Young had a candid interview with Arena where she discusses her image. She said, “Since, I’m the youngest member of the group, people always viewed me as the cute one. I’m thankful for that image, but people were afraid of me changing this image. I didn’t like it. Of course the cute image is nice, but I’m an adult now, and I want try more cool and sexy things.”

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기사 이미지