Son Dam Bi Shares Photo She Took with Shin Ae

2013-11-22 12:23:03 2013-11-22 12:23:03

Recent photos of Shin Ae show her with her friend, singer Son Dam Bi.

Son Dam Bi released four photos on November 18 from her Twitter account with a brief caption: “Long time no see Shin Ae.” The photos show the pair with an acquaintance making silly facial expressions while giggling and posing together as friends.

Since it has been a while to get news from Shin Ae, the photos caught the attention of netizens. One said, “I haven’t seen a photo of Shin Ae for so long,” while others asked if she wasn’t promoting and for her to hurry back to the spotlight.

Shin Ae married a family friend Park Jae Gwan in 2009 and the couple has a daughter together.

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