The Stars and Winners of the 34th Blue Dragon Movie Awards

2013-11-23 06:21:06 2014-05-06 01:53:56

While most of you were away watching the amazing MAMA ceremonies, there happened to be another major award ceremony occurring at the same time. Yes, I am indeed talking about the Blue Dragon Movie Award, one of the biggest if not biggest movie related award ceremonies of the year. 

The Blue Dragon Movie Awards has always been known for how elaborate the ceremony is, from the red carpet to the awards, and the 34th iteration of this prestigious award ceremony certainly didn’t disappoint. Here is a gallery of pictures from the red carpet event where stars showed off everything, from the luxurious to the downright risqué of fashions. 

We’ll also reveal all the major winners of the 34th Blue Dragon Movie Awards at the tail end of this gallery. If you rather not look through pages of pictures of lovely stars, then you click on the link here to skip straight to the award winners. 

Lets get this show on the road!