“Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education” Basketball Team to Go to Japan

2013-11-28 13:02:22 2013-11-28 13:02:22

Sports have no language; rather it’s a culture of its own. The “Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education” basketball team plan to go to Japan in order to compete with other teams.

KBS revealed on November 28 that the “Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education” basketball team will be traveling to participate in the December 4 Korean-Japan sports competition. The competition, held in Japan, will be an opportunity for Korean and Japanese sporting teams to compete in different sport categories.

Representatives of the KBS show stated, “’Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education’ team has been able to participate in the sporting exchange between Korea and Japan. As the sporting competition will consist of friendly matches between the members of the different teams, each match will be expected to display national pride between Korea and Japan. We hope that this competition will be the foundation for sporting exchanges between different countries.”

The show’s basketball team members Kang Ho Dong, Park Jin Young, John Park, Suh Ji Suk, Julian Kang, Lee Hye Jung, Lee Jung Jin, and Kim Hyuk will go to Japan for one night two day, and plan to return to Korea on December 5.

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