Will Lee Bo Young and Kim Woo Bin Be Hosting the SBS Drama Awards?

2013-12-02 08:33:24 2014-05-02 00:04:02
lee bo young kim woo bin

Actress Lee Bo Young and actor/model Kim Woo Bin have received offers to host the SBS Drama Awards this year.

On December 2, an official at SBS said, “Lee Bo Young, who was a hot topic with the drama ‘I Hear Your Voice,’ will be the female host for the end-of-the-year drama awards.”

On this, Will Entertainment said, “Lee Bo Young received the offer to be the host, and is actively considering the offer.”

Kim Woo Bin has also received an offer and said he is looking over it, as well.

Kim Woo Bin first caught the eyes of viewers as Seo Yi Soo in “Gentleman’s Dignity,” a student with a crush on his teacher (Kim Ha Neul). You can now see him in the current SBS drama, “The Heirs,” playing Choi Young Do, a student who is rough around the edges, but lovable at the same time. 

The SBS Drama Awards will be held on December 31, and will mark the end of the year in a celebratory fashion. Hopefully we’ll be able to do it with Lee Bo Young and Kim Woo Bin as the MCs!