[First Impressions] “Prime Minister And I” – Just a Bunch of Mildly Jolly Fellows

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Prime Minister And I

My last first impressions article for “1 Night, 2 Days Season 3” went over fairly well. Got some great discussions going and it was nice to see that my opinions weren’t completely off kilter. So with my new found confidence I’m going to step far outside of my comfort zone and write some first impressions I had while watching KBS’s new romantic comedy drama “Prime Minister And I” featuring YoonA, Lee Bum Soo, Chae Jung Ahn, Yoon Si Yoon and Ryu Jin. Is this the glorious return of romantic comedies that I was desperately hoping for all year, or does it seem like something to fast forward through when I am bored? The first two episode might not provide all the answers but it should hopefully still be enough to get the gist of things.

Disclaimer Alert!: The writer is not really an expert at anything much and is just a mere casual fan of dramas. The writer has been known to be rather weird and cynical at times. The writer’s opinions certainly DO NOT reflect the opinion of Soompi’s news team or Soompi as a whole.

History Of A Salary Man

This Is Where You Proceed to Point and Laugh at My Drama Tastes

On a personal note, 2013 has been a rather disappointing year for me in terms of dramas. I have a rather specific taste in dramas, and while 2013 has provided us with some great dramas, from “I Can Hear Your Voice” to “Master’s Sun,” none of them have really captured my interests. Most of this year was spent lazily skimming through these dramas for a few episodes before getting bored and going back to watching jingle cats on Youtube.

Now is probably a good time to perhaps list out a few dramas that I really liked over the last couple years. This way you can see for yourself what kind of dramas usually take my fancy and this will hopefully help later on when you read through my first impressions of “Prime Minster And I.”

History Of A Salary Man

Before I begin listing a whole bunch of names, I’m going to specifically mention one drama. As for why one I’m going to single out this particular drama, that is because I personally think it was one of the greatest dramas produced in my decade or so of watching this fine art. What is this drama you ask? It is SBS’s “History Of A Salaryman” that aired in the first half of 2012. From my personal perspective, it was pretty much perfect and probably the best comedic drama I have ever seen. It had everything from brilliant production, a fantastic story that was well paced, a story that didn’t go too far down the path of insanity, and a whole host of supremely likable characters that were both subtle in their execution while also having a great amount of depth.

It was one of the only dramas where both the main cast and its immediate sub casts were all immediately likable and told their own unique stories without making the whole drama seem disjointed or otherwise confusing. The drama also elegantly moved back and forwards between comedic relief and meaningful story without ever seeming like it was leaning too much on either end. The addition of the rarely used “epilogue” cuts during the credits was also great in terms of filling in bits of story that would otherwise have been omitted from the grand picture and it really helped in building up the characters of each of the cast. It’s a drama that I have gushed about previously in some of my older articles but so far I’ve yet to see something that really came close to topping what I saw in early 2012.

History Of A Salary Man

It is also relevant to our discussions since this happens to be Lee Bum Soo’s last comedic drama roles before taking on more serious roles in “Doctor Jin” and “Iris 2.” Suffice to say, a romantic comedy involving Lee Bum Soo is going to carry a lot of weight for me especially off the back of “History Of A Salaryman.” In an interesting note, both “Prime Minister And I” and “History Of A Salaryman” are Monday-Tuesday dramas as well.

That Fool

Moving on, it is pretty rare for me to actually complete a drama from start to finish. I have to really enjoy what I’m watching to even get past the first couple episodes, so any dramas that I actually complete are personally somethings that I found to be of exceptional quality. So here is just a list of dramas that I can remember completing. These include KBS’s “Good Doctor,” SBS “Sign,” KBS “That Fool,” KBS “Full House,” tvN’s “Reply 1997 & Reply 1994,” KBS “Oh Feel Young,” “KBS “Delightful Girl Choon Hyang,” KBS “Boys Over Flower,” and SBS “Incarnation of Money.” There are also a few where I’ve watched most of the episodes but never really ended up finishing like KBS “Dream High,” KBS “Big,” tvN/Mnet “Monstar” and a whole bunch of sitcoms like “Nonstop,” “High Kick” and “Tae Hee Hye Kyo Ji Hyun.”


I’m sure I don’t have to specifically mention it but as you can see from the list above, I’m am absolute sucker for decent romantic comedies. They tend to be the ones that I enjoy most and the ones that I usually go out of my way to watch. There is definitely a few exceptions on that list like “Good Doctor,” “Sign” and “Incarnation of Money” but those are mainly on the outright strength of their characters and story, of which “characterization” and more specifically “likable characters” is something that is extremely important to me.

With that out of the way you can begin to see why I’ve taken an interest in “Prime Minster And I.” It’s a romantic comedy from a broadcaster that seems to take up the vast majority of my drama viewing experience, with a lead that I’m extremely interested in (Lee Bum Soo) along with what initially seems to be a list of likable characters. So is it going to be on my grand list of completed dramas? Well…

Next Up: I try and make sense of the story of “Prime Minister And I.” Result, one mildly unamused writer.