Kim Ji Hoon Had Suffered From Depression Since Last Year and Other Updates on Singer’s Possible Suicide

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kim ji hoon

Singer Kim Ji Hoon was found dead in a hotel room on December 12. The authorities are still investigating cause of death, but guess it to be suicide. 

Kim Ji Hoon’s former agency’s CEO held a brief press conferences with reporters at the Samsung Medical Center in Gangnam about the singer’s supposed suicide. He said, “He had been suffering from depression since last year. Recently, it had gotten to the point where the medicine wasn’t helping. 

Kim Ji Hoon had checked into a hotel in Seoul, six days prior to his death. He had checked in with a woman, although it is not clear if the woman had stayed with him after. His body was discovered by a younger acquaintance around 1pm. The acquaintance called the police after discovering Kim Ji Hoon hanging by the neck on a t-shirt wrapped around a shower stall. The police guess that he died sometime in the morning.

The police and Kim Ji Hoon’s family are currently discussing his autopsy, and his family have requested that his autopsy results remain private. It was reported that there were no signs of foul play, and considering Kim Ji Hoon’s depression, suicide is the most likely cause of death. There were no signs of intrusions or drug abuse. There were no drugs found in the hotel room, other than a health supplement.

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