Singer BoA Donates Personal Clothing Items to “HumanTree” Flea Market

2013-12-20 23:00:54 2013-12-20 23:00:54

Singer BoA recently donated clothing and accessory items from her own closet to the “HumanTree” flea market. 

The singer announced on December 17 through SNS, “This year I will be joining as well. I will be donating items that haven’t been opened or used. Any female who is a size small is welcome to take a look. But a word of caution! The designs are bit eclectic.” 

The singer shared a couple of photos on Instagram to pique the interest of fans on December 17. One was of a newspaper clipping containing details of the flea market to be held at the “HumanTree” Apgu-jung showroom on December 21, while the other was a sampling of BoA’s donations that she also shared on Twitter with the caption, “Here’s just a taste. Shoes, farewell. Lots of t-shirts, jackets, one-pieces and hats.” 

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 6.58.43 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 6.58.29 PM

Netizens commented, “Let’s go buy BoA’s clothes!”, “BoA is participating in a good cause”, “It’d be nice if those items were my size” and “What if they’re all really expensive stuff?”