YoonA Updates Her UFO Town Profile Picture With An Adorable Selca

2013-12-23 18:15:51 2013-12-23 18:15:51

Girls’ Generation member YoonA delighted fans with an adorable selca she shared on December 22.

The idol and actress changed the profile pic of her UFO Town account with a new selca where she is wearing her hair in the adorable “apple” style while holding what appears to be a stuffed seal plushie. The actress is currently busy filming her newest drama “Prime Minister And I” and plays the character of Nam Da Jung, a spunky and lovable character who ends up in a contract marriage with the Prime Minister in a hilarious twist of events. 

In related news, YoonA and her fellow Girls’ Generation members wrapped up their concert for SMTown Week, covering classics from “All I Want for Christmas Is You” to special solo stages from various members.