M.C The Max Prepares for Comeback After 7 Years with “Wind that Blows” MV Teaser

2013-12-29 20:45:57 2014-05-20 01:23:00

M.C The Max is making their return after seven years away, and has slowly released teasers for various songs from their upcoming seventh full-length album, “Unveiling,” throughout the past week.

After releasing teasers for “Night We Shine,” “On My Way Home,” and “We, in the Past,” M.C The Max has released a new teaser for “Wind that Blows,” the title song of the album.

“Wind the Blows” is a traditional ballad whose melancholy is enhanced by the emotion in lead singer Lee Soo’s voice. The music video teaser features parted lovers; the man shows anger and sadness while the woman sits silently in her chair, as if dead.

“Unveiling” drops midnight, January 2.