“Reply 1994” Son Ho Joon and Kim Sung Gyun Cause Commotion in Myeongdong

2014-01-04 17:51:10 2014-05-08 05:08:33

Recently ended tvN drama “Reply 1994” has once again caused traffic to come to a standstill in Myeongdong. Actors Son Ho Joon and Kim Sung Gyun, who played roommates Haitai and Sam Cheon Po respectively in the drama, were mobbed by scores of fans when they hit Myeongdong on January 4.

The pair alighted from a black van at Myeongdong’s Migliore entrance at 12:05 PM. Their mission? To fulfill a promise they had made to strut down Myeongdong in “Reply 1994” fashion if the drama broke the 10% ratings barrier. “Reply 1994” achieved its highest average ratings when it hit 11.9% viewership.

Throngs of fans had arrived early, before Son Ho Joon and Kim Sung Gyun arrived. Being a tourist attraction in itself, Myeongdong had Japanese and Chinese fans out in full force. Everyone had their handphones out, trying to get some footage of the scene.

It soon turned chaotic, with the two actors, reporters, fans and security guards entangled in human traffic. Apparently, there was a safety accident when a Japanese fan fell over after being jostled by the crowd.

Son Ho Joon and Kim Sung Gyun showed their nervousness at the changing situation, but managed to find their composure and distributed cans of coffee to fans that they had prepared. Kim Sung Gyun had Sam Cheon Po’s coat and wig on, while Haitai displayed his “Reply 1994” style underneath a brightly colored jacket, along with Haitai’s early hairstyle. Kim Sung Gyun responded to cheering fans by waving his hands at them.

However, their plans to strut through the streets of Myeongdong were dashed by the large crowd, and they ended the event after being unable to proceed beyond 30 meters. The pair was escorted by bodyguards into the Migliore building less than 10 minutes after the event began.

A representative from Kim Sung Gyun’s agency, Fantagio, apologized for the way the event unfolded, saying, “If we had continued the walk, the danger of a safety incident happening would have increased. It was out of necessity that we had to suspend the event. We apologize for not being able to carry out the event as planned.”

Son Ho Joon and Kim Sung Gyun reappeared about 30 minutes later, after the atmosphere had cooled, delivering a short greeting and conveying their appreciation to the fans. “Thank you for all the love you have given us. We are thankful that so many have turned up, even though the weather is cold. We are sorry that we’re only able to give you our greetings.”

It’s not the first time that the “Reply 1994” cast has found their way to Myeongdong. Yoo Yeon Seok saw his star rise with his role as Chil Bong, but his free hug event was brought to an early halt as well due to safety concerns. Jung Woo (Trash) gave out free hugs to 300 fans who were picked beforehand, fulfilling his promise to fans. Do Hee (Yoon Jin) has also done her duty, giving out hugs to fans earlier on during the drama’s run.

Kim Sung Gyun will be continuing on with events in Sinchon, Hongdae and Gangnam, while Son Ho Joon won’t be participating due to scheduling conflicts.