Actor Jung Il Woo Is the King of “NG” Scenes

2014-01-12 03:59:45 2014-01-12 03:59:45

On January 15, the cameras of MBC program “Section TV Entertainment News” took viewers behind the scenes of “Golden Rainbow.” On that particular broadcast, actor Kim Sang Joong picked Jung Il Woo as the “NG King” of “Golden Rainbow.” 

At the filming site for “Golden Rainbow,” Jung Il Woo and Uee had a “NG” scene together due to messing up on lines. “NG” in film production language is an abbreviation for determining a scene shot as “No Good.” Jung Il Woo later confessed, “The script came to me yesterday, so I still haven’t been able to memorize all of my lines.” 

Jo Min Ki also chimed in saying, “There are two kinds of NGs. An NG is called when an actor is unprepared or when an actor wants to do better. In Jung Il Woo’s case, it’s the latter. Because he wants to do better, he gets more NGs.”

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