Ga In Does Her Signature Black Eyeliner Even in a Historical Movie

2014-01-12 09:52:42 2014-01-12 09:52:42

Brown Eyed Girls member Ga In is known for her smokey and sultry eyes, and she prefers to keep her look even when acting.

As a cast member of the upcoming historical movie “The Huntresses,” the idol had an interview with MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Relay” on January 12. In the film, Ga In plays one of the three gorgeous huntresses, and she was also chosen as the representative beauty of Joseon dynasty by her peers. She humbly commented, “Whenever I look at paintings from the past, I don’t see that many people that look like me.”

When asked if she has let go of her eyeliner for the movie, “I see many crazy costumes in the movie, so isn’t it possible to draw my eyeliner with charcoal?” revealing her continuous love for smokey eyes.

Finally, the star made a very special promise to the audience, “If the movie pulls in over 5 million viewers, I will dress up as a beggar and belly dance while taking a dip in water.”

“The Huntresses” premieres on January 29, and has recently attracted interest by revealing stills of the stars’ abs and photos of Ha Ji Won wearing a mustache.