Lee Jong Suk, Park Bo Young, and Lee Se Young to Guest on “Running Man” Next Week

2014-01-12 06:42:39 2014-01-12 07:30:37
running man

Teaser for next week’s “Running Man” has been revealed, and the guests are none other than young stars Lee Jong Suk, Park Bo Young and Lee Se Young!

The upcoming episode titled “Farm Village Romeo and Juliet” makes the members face a tough race that goes along with the rural theme. According to the teaser, there will also be a secret love line between two people. 

The guests were welcomed with loud cheers, but to everyone’s surprise, Kim Jong Kook entered the room dressed up as a female student. He evoked laughter by holding up a plastic pencil case and jokingly threatened others, “You think I carry this around for drawing?

The teaser also gave a glimpse of Gary getting kissed on his cheeks by the two beautiful female guests, and soon after shouting “Hooray!” to express his feelings of joy. 

Take a look at the preview clip below!

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