Lee Jong Suk Says He Takes Negative Netizen Comments to Heart

2014-01-12 10:29:45 2014-01-12 10:29:45
lee jong suk

On the December 11 episode of “Entertainment Weekly,” actor Lee Jong Suk talked about negative netizen comments on his guerrilla date. After a fun ‘date’ with his fans outside, he had an interview with reporter Kim Tae Jin.

Kim Tae Jin mentioned that he had heard the actor searches his own name a lot online. Lee Jong Suk said, “I look at news that’s written about me, and when I’m doing a drama, I check out peoples’ reactions.”

Kim Tae Jin also asked the actor about whenever he comes across negative comments, and how he handles them, at which Lee Jong Suk said brightly, “I look at all of them, and I take them all to heart,” making the staff laugh.

Lee Jong Suk is starring in the upcoming movie “Hot-blooded Youth,” set in the 80s, where he plays Joong Gil, a legendary casanova. The movie will premiere on January 23.

lee jong suk