MYSTIC89 Reveals First Artist to Promote in 2014 with Image Teaser

2014-01-12 19:26:54 2014-01-12 19:26:54

Label MYSTIC89 had a great year last year, and looks like they aren’t planning to stop the successful ride just yet.

On January 13, MYSTIC89 posted the image teaser “New Artist of MYSTIC89. Coming Soon” with a blurry backdrop. With Lim Kim’s successful debut last year along with Park Ji Yoon’s successful comeback after years away from the scene, along with singer-songwriter Jang Jae In joining the label, many fans are anticipating who the first promoted artist will be.

Director Jo Bae Hyun from MYSTIC89 stated, “MYSTIC89 was able to grow last year because of the support and interest from many fans. We ask that you show our first artist of 2014 a lot of love.”

The agency plans to drop the first artist’s album on January 16.