Rainbow Blaxx Releases 15+ “CHACHA” Style Film

2014-01-12 20:13:11 2014-01-12 20:13:11

Sub-unit Rainbow Blaxx has unveiled the first music video teaser for title track “Chacha” off their upcoming special album of the same name. 

Comprised of members JaekyungHyunyoungSeung Ah and Woori, these four members will portary another level of sexy apart from their usual Rainbow image. This hot-off-the-press “style film” has two versions, one rated 15 and over, the other 19 and over. 

DSP Media revealed that it decided to release a 19+ version, which is 50 seconds longer than the 15+, because it judged that Rainbow Blaxx’s charm couldn’t be felt without a certain level of exposure. It will be revealed later on midnight KST.

“Chacha” is retro disco dance song composed by Yoon Sang and East4a.

“Chacha” drops January 20.