B1A4’s Baro Isn’t “Lonely” After All as “Reply 1994’s” Do Hee Shows Her Support

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B1A4’s new album, “Who Am I,” was recently released, and the title track, “Lonely” is climbing up the music charts. However, it seems that B1A4’s rapper isn’t lonely after all, but instead is receiving support from his actor friends.

reply 1994

On January 13, “Reply 1994’s” Do Hee posted on her Twitter, “Our Baro (Bingeurae) oppa’s music has come out. Please love the title song, ‘Lonely.’ Also, since we’re listening to the song, let’s listen to all the songs on the album. Chart all-kill. Fighting. B1A4’s ’Lonely’ is the best.” Along with the words of supports, Do Hee posted a photo collage of selfies she had taken with Baro. The four photos show  how the two enjoyed their free time during between filming by posing with silly expressions.

reply 1994

Do Hee played the role of Yoon Jin on tvN’s “Reply 1994.” However, before debuting as an actress, Do Hee debuted through the idol group Tiny-G. As a member of Tiny-G, the singer turned actress’ support for the Baro’s group B1A4 conveys the encouraging relationship between two singers.


Furthermore, on January 12, to celebrate the release of their new album, Baro posted on his Twitter, “Later at midnight ‘Lonely’ will be released! Thump Thump Thump.. Lonley Lonley Lonley~ Lonely Lonely Lonely~.” Along with the post, the rapper uploaded a special black and white photo. The image shows the B1A4 member posing with a black shirt that reads ‘Lonely,’ while wearing a black beanie over his seemingly blonde hair.

With the immense support B1A4 has been receiving, it can be said that their new album, “Who Am I” will be of great success. Check out their music video for “Lonely” below!