Lee Kwang Soo Makes an Embarrassing Mistake on “Running Man”

2014-01-13 11:43:00 2014-01-13 11:43:41
Lee Kwang Soo and Jung Da Jung

SBS variety show “Running Man” aired a “Cooking Battle” special episode on January 12, featuring special judges, celebrity chef Raymond Kim, Korean cuisine researcher Shim Young Soon, chocolatier Louis Kang, and webtoon “Unlicensed Cooking” writer Jung Da Jung.

Making special effort to look good in front of the judges, Lee Kwang Soo addressed writer Jung Da Jung in a friendly manner as “Da Jung-nuna.”

However, Jung Da Jung looked amused, as she repeated, “Nuna?”

Kwang Soo later found out to his embarrassment that she was born in 1991, making her six years younger than him. He tried to soothe things over with her by asking, “What is your ideal type?” and she quickly shut him down with, “Not Kwang Soo-sshi,” causing laughter all around.

After the broadcast, Jung Da Jung later uploaded a selca of Kwang Soo and herself on Twitter, with the text, “With Kwang Soo-oppa who called me nuna.” She also showed her sense of humor, asking, “Did I come out looking chubby on TV? It’s usually like that when one is growing.”