Male Duo 2BiC Releases New Teaser for “I Love You” Feat. Han Chae Young Doppelgänger Lee Sae Rom

2014-01-13 22:24:08 2014-01-13 22:24:08

On January 14, talented male duo 2BiC released a new teaser video for their song, “I Love You.”

 The music video stars Lee Sae Rom, who has been a hot topic after appearing on SBS’s “Star King” as actress Han Chae Young’s doppelgänger.

It hasn’t been long since Lee Sae Rom has appeared in the industry. Regardless, she puts on a great emotional performance in the video, perfectly complementing 2BiC’s unique vocals. 

“I Love You” is different from 2BiC’s other tracks in that it has very pure and clean vocals without a whole lot of decorations, and with an accompaniment of piano and orchestra, it is another great new track from 2BiC.

 “I Love You” is set to release on January 16.