Rumble Fish Comes Back Sexier Than Ever in Music Video for “The Virulent Song”

2014-01-13 21:03:44 2014-01-14 19:57:23
rumble fish

Rumble Fish has made her comeback look sexier than ever with the release of her music video “The Virulent Song.” 

“The Virulent Song” is a vintage pop song (a hybrid of vintage and modern day music) highlighted with a catchy melody line. “Virulent” means poisonous and is used to describe a particularly memorable yet scarring previous love.  The song was written and composed by Rumble Fish.

Rumble Fish also went a drastic physical transformation to prepare for her comeback. She lost 15 pounds, by training and adjusting her diet, to transform her image. Previously,  Ivy, rapper Yang Dong Geun, girl group Ladies’ Code and singer Kim Bum Soo showed their shocked reactions to the music video which you can watch below.