Yoo Seung Jun Has No Plans to Come Back to Korea

2014-01-13 08:05:52 2014-01-13 08:05:52
Steve Yoo

It was recently misreported that singer Yoo Seung Jun was planning a comeback in Korea.

However, on January 13, he explained through his Weibo account the real deal regarding his comeback in Korea and a response to what Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul recently stated on JTBC’s “Ssulzun.” Kim Hee Chul said on the show, “Yoo Seung Jun cried saying he wanted to go back to Korea.”

Regarding this, Yoo Seung Jun reminisced about his meeting with Kim Hee Chul and posted, “My heart warms up when I think about Korea. It is the same when I meet you guys. And that’s why my eyes got teary. However, I never cried because I wanted to go back to Korea. Maybe my love for Korea and missing Korea seemed like I wanted to go back to Korea.”

“I’m sure Kim Heechul didn’t mean it that way. Just like I don’t even know about my plans for a comeback to Korea, but there are still reports of it.”

Lastly, Yoo Seung Jun concluded, “Anyway, I have no intentions to make a comeback in Korea. I’ve never planned one, and I never will. The only heart-breaking thing is the reality that even after 12 years, I cannot set foot into Korea. No matter what anyone says, I will continue to miss Korea and love Korea. This will never change.”