2NE1 Reveals First Video Conference on Their Upcoming World Tour

2014-01-14 20:11:09 2014-01-14 20:11:09

Girls of 2NE1 are here to update you on their “2014 World Tour!”

The video was released through the group’s official YouTube channel on January 15. Having announced the tour and confirmed their stops back in November, the clip gives you a welcomed taste of the planning process. 

To hold a conference with the world-famous Travis Payne and Stacy Walker, the co-directors of 2NE1’s tour, the girls gathered to the studio and had a live chatting session with the two directors on January 8. As the same team was responsible for 2NE1’s first world tour in 2012, the air was quickly filled with friendly waves and greetings. While discussing the tour, he girls reveal their wish to connect the theme of it with their upcoming studio album, and express their interest in giving the fans something fresh and new. Lastly, the LA team gives 2NE1 a tough task to carry out over the next two weeks, as they hope to have a full setlist in their hands by then. 

Take a look at the exciting video below!