CNBlue’s 4th Anniversary Message Relay Continues with Kang Min Hyuk, Lee Jung Shin, and to Boice

2014-01-14 08:15:55 2014-01-14 08:17:33

To celebrate CNBlue’s 4th anniversary, the band started a relay of video messages to one another, released via their official YouTube channel. Earlier, Jung Yong Hwa left a message for Lee Jong Hyun, and Lee Jong Hyun left a message for Kang Min Hyuk.

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Kang Min Hyuk continues the relay with his message for Lee Jung Shin. In his video, he says thanks Lee Jung Shin for everything last year, especially for making the hyungs of the team laugh as the maknae. Kang Min Hyuk recognizes Lee Jung Shin’s effort in balancing both his drama filming and CNBlue concerts. He wishes that Lee Jung Shin, along with everyone else, greets the new year happily, and for all of them to remain unchanging. Kang Min Hyuk’s final words are “I always laugh because of you. Thank you!”

In Lee Jung Shin’s message to Jung Yong Hwa, he thanks him for leading the team for four, no, five years. Lee Jung Shin also recognizes that the leader is particularly stressed out and busy these days preparing for the new album. He promises to be the cute and good maknae, who takes care of the leader’s health. His final words are “Thank you, and I truly love you. Let’s be together. Always.”

To Boice, CNBlue thanks them making these four years possible, and they ask for Boice’s continued support and love for 10 years, no, 20 years. They promise to continually improve and produce good music in return for Boice’s support and love.

Congratulations, CNBlue, on four years!