DJ DOC Celebrates their 20th Anniversary, Aiming to Release an Album in the First Half of 2014

2014-01-14 02:14:22 2014-01-14 02:14:22

Hip hop veterans DJ DOC (Lee Ha Neul, Jung Jae Yong, Kim Chang Ryul) will be celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and are aiming for a new release in the first half of 2014.

Their agency denied earlier reports that DJ DOC would be releasing their 20th anniversary album in March, with an “adult ceremony” concept to shed their bad boy image.

The agency’s official stance is that the group has not decided on a concrete concept just yet. They also revealed, “Last year, we prepared to release an acoustic album, but that was halted. We’re thinking about another concept this year, but nothing’s been decided. We planned for a new album one to two years ago, but decided to work harder to release a more complete album.”

“DJ DOC does have plans for a new album, but haven’t started work on it yet. We don’t know if it’ll be a regular album, their 8th album, or if it’ll be their 20th anniversary album.”

Whatever the case, the album will be DJ DOC’s first album in four years after their seventh album, “Appreciation,” in 2010.

DJ DOC debuted in 1994 with their first album, “The Sorrow of Superman,” and songs such as “Dance with DOC” (1997, 4th album) and “Run to You” (2000, 5th album) remain popular till today. DJ DOC is without peer in the music industry in terms of “heung,” an all-in-one term used to describe fun, pleasure, joy and excitement.

We can only wait to see what kind of powerful new music DJ DOC will deliver with their new release.

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