Gary’s Steamy Track “Shower Later” Is A Multi-Chart Topper

2014-01-14 23:10:33 2014-01-15 01:02:23

Gary‘s title track “Shower Later” (see it here) off of his first debut mini-album, “Mr. Gae” has cinched the number 1 spot on 8 real-time music charts! 

It appears that the level of anticipation and excitement for Gary’s music has reached an all-time high. The content of Gary’s mini-album has been rated appropriate for listeners 19 years of age and older. The steamy teaser photo circulated on the web also helped generate a lot of buzz for the mini-album beforehand. 

On January 15 at 7pm, “Shower Later” topped the following music charts: Melon, Mnet, Naver Music, Bugs, Soribada, Cyworld Music, Monkey3, and Olleh Music. On the Daum Music chart, it is was last ranked 9th.  

Following “Shower Later,” Gary’s other three tracks from “Mr. Gae” also rose up the charts of Mnet, Naver Music, Soribada and Olleh Music. It appears as though Gary will be “lining up” his tracks along the charts in no time at all.  

“Shower Later” was written by AOMG artist GRAY and supplied with vocals from CRUSH himself. 

Gary also released the music video for his second title track, “Zotto Molla” (see it here).

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