Shinji of Koyote Turns into a 90’s Fashionista for Upcoming Album

2014-01-14 19:37:19 2014-01-14 19:37:19

Shinji of the legendary dance group Koyote has given us a taste of the group’s new album.

The four photos were revealed through the group’s official Twitter on January 14, and titled “The Era Back Then.” The pictures are the first teaser of Koyote’s fresh and nostalgic concept.

In the stills, Shin Ji is dressed up in 90’s fashion from head to toe, and striking bold poses for the camera in her funky outfits. By wearing some of the most iconic pieces from the era, such as the large eyeglasses, the floral ski jacket, and the high-waisted denim skirt, she has turned into a true fashionista. She even manages to pull off the famous permed hair, looking beautiful and fashionable as she confidently shows off her throwback look.

In celebration of their 17th anniversary, Koyote will release their new mini album titled “1999” on January 22.