Developer of Smart Phone App Apologizes for False News about HyunA and Hyunseung

2014-01-15 08:00:18 2014-01-15 08:00:18
Trouble Maker

Earlier on January 10, it was reported that Cube Entertainment would be taking action against those who spread false rumors of Trouble Maker duo HyunA (4Minute) and Hyunseung (Beast) being in a relationship, and that HyunA was pregnant. The rumor subsequently spread quickly via other social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Kakao Talk. The developer of the smart phone application from which the original rumor originated has stepped forward to clarify their position.

The rumored scandal and pregnancy had been made to look like an official statement issued by the duo’s agency, Cube Entertainment. The rumor was made to look like a news article using a smart phone application, “I’m a Reporter Too.” As it looked like a real news page at first glance, the rumor spread all the more rapidly.

The developer of the application in question left a message on its official blog, saying, “Slanderous writing about others, such as this HyunA-Hyunseung rumor, is wrong. Furthermore, the content of the text itself is extreme, and too detailed.”

“I would like to sincerely thank those who defended me and said that it’s the rumor author’s fault, and that I have done nothing wrong. However, I’m the developer of the application through which the associated issue spread, so I feel like I have to take some responsibility. I’m seriously thinking about what to do with the application.”

“In truth, downloads for the application don’t exceed 30,000, so I thought I could work on it slowly, so I’m a bit surprised. Other applications that I have made have 3 million downloads, so 30,000 is a small figure, but it’s caused trouble. I can only say that students nowadays take it to extremes with their words. On the other hand, because the number of downloads is small, less people know about the application and that’s possibly why it was more believable and spread quickly.”

He revealed, “I will take into consideration the opinions of application users and my own thoughts, and plan to release an update that will ensure people do not mistake the application’s creations as real news.”

The police have been called in to investigate the case. Cube Entertainment filed a petition at the Gangnam Police Station Cyber Crimes Investigation Unit on January 13. The agency promised to take strong action, stating, “We won’t be letting the issue go so easily.”