Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Warns Sasaeng Fan: “Stop Following Me”

2014-01-15 21:07:25 2014-01-15 21:07:25

Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny has recenly left a warning message to what seems like a sasaeng fan.

On January 15, Sunny tweeted, “I was driving to my parent’s house to eat some food at home. I’m not very experienced in driving so I can’t do things like shake off a closely following tail. But me being scared and nervous comes second. Others may get into an accident because of the way you drive. There is nothing for you to take today so please don’t follow me.”

At around 8AM, Sunny was heading toward her parent’s home in her car when it seems like sasaeng fan was chasing after her. It is known that Sunny was driving alone without her manager so she was a bit flustered at the dangerous driving, which is what led her to tweet that message.

In other news, Sunny delighted fans with a snapshot of her and bandmate YoonA after a concert in Thailand.