Hong Dae Kwang Releases Second Teaser for “No Answer”

2014-01-15 19:37:04 2014-01-15 19:37:04
No answer

Earlier we reported about talented singer’s Hong Dae Kwang’s return, and it seems that the second teaser showcases the singer’s strong vocals.

Different from his first teaser in which model Hong Jong Hyun kicked open a car truck in a snowy scenery, the second teaser for “No Answer” shows brief collages of Hong Dae Kwang in a field. Furthermore, fans can hear a small portion of the song as the second teaser highlights the singer’s strong and wide vocal range. With the singer wearing all black and seemingly defeated in emotions, fans can assume that the new song will be about a heart breaking love story of how a man loses the woman he loves. The major questions are: what happened to the girl? Why did Hong Jong Hyun kick open the car trunk?

Hong Dae Kwang was acknowledged as a talented singer when he was a contestant on Mnet’s “Super Star K 4.” In April of 2013, the singer made his official debut with his mini-album, “Far Away,” and was identified as a rising star through his immense success with his debut album.

Check back for more updates on Hong Dae Kwang’s new song, “No Answer,” which is set to be released on January 22! Watch the second music video teaser below.